Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Logan's First time with Water-wings

Today, my sister Amber came out from Peoria for a visit and we decided to go down to the pool for a swim. I have tried Logan in the full ring floaties with no luck, just kicks, screams, and him just flat out wanting to climb out of it. So today, also being his 17 month bday, I decided to take his water-wings that we had gotten from Tonna's ( My adopted mom) neighbor down to the pool with us and try those on him to see how he liked them.

At first he was fine putting them on, then he realized what was happening so I then ended up having to have Amber help me get them on him. I had to have her hold his arms out like a t shape so that I could blow them up. I did the back side she did the front.
Once they were on it was just getting him into and used to the water. And he was not having that at all, there for a while.

Chris, my soon to be brother in law, took him for a few so that I could get used to the water. At first Logan was uneasy about me letting go of him. Then he saw and wanted to get to the wall and was fine. The best part was when a set of cute 2year old twins came to the pool, Logan totally didnt even realize no one was holding him and was set on them and getting to Mommy.

Below is what should be a movie, first time I've uploaded to blogspot from Picasa 3 so not sure if it will come out as a video or not but i hope so. If not its still a great pic of him by himself

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