Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Very Happy Fathers Day.

Today was a great day for me. I was able to request today off to spend with my Wonderful husband and my son, on father's day.

We started out by going to the park before it got hot went from about 7-8 am. It was such a beautiful morning I didn't want to leave. We played on the slide and the little bouncy toys and walked around in the grass. Then the sprinklers came on. Yep! You guessed it! Dad showed them to Logan. Yep! You guessed it right again. Logan tromped his way through the sand to get to them. He was hesitant and wouldn't let them get him at first. Then a little bit later Logan was walking away from them and well, the back of him got totally soaked. At first he cried. Then he gave one of them really cute little shiver shake and started laughing. We then sat under the gazebo. Talking and enjoying the nice breeze that came through.

Dad started getting a little tired and wanted to go home. Logan decided then, that he wasn't done playing. So since Dad was the one that wanted to leave. Dad got to get him and bring him to the car. I was waiting in the car already getting it cooled down. You could tell he did not want to leave. He was fighting the over daddy shoulder method. It was funny to watch cause Jeremy was kinda laughing at Logan's behavior. But I can't blame the kid for not wanting to leave the park since we live in an apartment that lacks a-lot of room for him to really run.

On our way home we could tell Logan was tired and I definatly was after only getting 3 1/2 hours sleep. Seeings how Logan and Dad was up at 5:30, so that's when they got me up. So the next thing on our list was to go home and have our naps. Before that we had to go to the market for some bell peppers for the Daddy dinner we were making for Jeremy and His Brother Andrew.

We came home and laid Logan down. Then we had ourselves a nap. we all had a good 3 hour nap. Unusual for Jeremy, man it was nice to nap with my honey cuddling with me.

After our nap we got started on making the marinade for our chicken, Pineapple chicken! We made it with 1 whole pineapple minus the center that Logan so happily chomped on till he decided he was done. It also had Soy sauce and Brown sugar, We added our own touch by adding honey to it as well.

1 whole pineapple... juiced
1/2 c. Brown sugar ...packed
1/3 cup soy sauce
Honey... to liking.

Mix with wisk till fully blended. Pour over chicken and let marinade till ready to cook. Ours was done on low in a wok with a lid on it.

I think that the same recipe would work well for a gravy.

We had dinner at my brother and sister in law Andrew and Kim's. Kim made a Butterfinger cheesecake. Though the flavor was Scrumptious, the texture ended up more like a mix between a custard and cheesecake.

The night was good. The boys got to spend well needed brother time. And also got some issues talked out from previous drama that has recently occurred. And us Girls talked played with the kids and got some photos finished edited so that I could get my mothers day disk. I also got some time in with my Nieces that I'm supposedly not supposed to see. (Mother in law doesn't want me to cause she cant see Logan) But as Kim and I see it they are KIM's kids and if she wants someone to be able to see them that is her right no one elses. ( Except Andrew)

I am so Happy that there wasn't any Drama to Ruin Fathers day for the two guys. I'm sure Kim would agree that It is a relief to go a day without drama spoiling it.

Well thats all on this subject.

P.S. I know you'll read this, Happy Fathers Day Daddy and Dennis I love you both equally as MY DADS. The luckiest girls get more then one Man that wants them to be their Dad and I'm one of them.