Friday, June 18, 2010


So back a week or so I was up kinda late chatting with someone about baby names for our new arrival. It was said that that person has claim to a certain name if he happens to ever produce a boy. Well at that time I was real tired and not thinking straight and had said something that ended up sounding mean.

Well then my hubby got a phone call/ voicemail message reguarding it from his Mom. Everyone knows that is never good. So once I found out what it was about, I went back through some old I.M.'s to see what I had exactly said. I then contacted the person I was talking to and got everything straighted out and cleared up, so I thought.

I guess not everyone thinks it should be that easy or that the issue can be resolved WITHOUT getting the WHOLE FAMILY involved. First it was the persons sister bitching me out for it saying that I should have ASKED or TALKED to him about it before choosing a name for MY CHILD, just cause is so happens to be a name given to him as a passing down from "father" to "son"

Then today I received a message from another member of the family stating "

you know for months I defended you and was so close to getting things worked out then in 1 sec you opened your mouth to Andrew and blew it all. Sorry honey until you grow up and put your husband and kids first I can't help. :(" OK now, really is all this really necessary, I guess in their eyes it.

I guess I was just taught differently in the aspect that you don't involve others in aiding in resolving your problems. That going to the source of what is causing it and fixing the issue right from there will resolve things much faster without all the excess drama. Well not in this case. Cause they don't see it that way. It is so irritating and stressful to have situations just getting dragged on. Especially when the people bringing it up constantly weren't even involved in the first place.