Friday, February 3, 2012

The first update of 2012

Well the boys are getting big, as you can imagine. Logan just turned 3 and Gabriel coming up on 16 months.

Logan is very hyper and active child that very much enjoys throwing, kicking, punching and wrestling around. I think with this I would like to him into some kind of team sport or martial arts classes to help him focus his energy, and help him learn to control his need for wanting to do those kinds of physical motions.
As for his other interests he likes his cars and really loves his action figures he has collected over Christmas and his birthday. They are mostly super heroes. He especially LOVES the one that my friend Cindy Farden and her two Kids got him which is a talking one that came with a "web", which clings to smooth surfaces and 2 pieces that shoot out of his palm that look like little plastic webs.
Logan is the Daddies boy of the two will just curl up to him at just about any second and refuses to ask me for anything unless Dad is away even if Dad is busy.

Now Gabriel on the other hand he is more on the calm side, likes mild jumping and spinning in circles. LOVES to talk on the phone too.
He is the Momma's boy, will cuddle with Momma just about anytime Mom wants, Unless of course he is in a super excited mood then he just laughs and giggles and wants you to chase him. He loves making ppl proud of him by doing such things as getting his own clean diaper aka the Butt change and will take his diaper to the garbage as he tries to say it. Ends up sounding more like garba or gar.
As of right now Gabriel says ( what I can remember anyway):
The word How he says it
*Garbage *Garba or Gar
*Butt change * Buttcha
*Cup *Cuh
*Mine *My ne
and his all time favorite
*Bath *Ba

So far Gabriel has 3 top front teeth 2 top molars coming in and 2 bottom front teeth

Well that is it for now, plus I need to make dinner hope to update you guys more a little later this week.