Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Day Notice...

So today I was getting ready to head home after dropping my niece Kayla off at home. And I call Jeremy since he had called while I was at the store and I missed his call. We discussed him working out and then he got this frustration in his voice and had told me that we received a notice on our door for clutter and uncleanliness. We have no idea where this would have come from other then from the Terminex guy that came in to spray our apt. Cause he had told Jeremy that the floor in our room was too cluttered if we could clean it up so he could spray. This "clutter" was laundry on the floor that I was getting sorted out to do later that night once the peak hours were over for electric.

So now I have to go to the office in the morning and figure out what the heck they are talking about us being cluttered and uncleanly. Cause we make sure that our dishes are done on a nightly basis, provided we have enough to run the dishwasher, even then the food is at least rinsed off. The only other thing I can think of is our furniture. But my family should not suffer from not having a place to sit and not having a place to set our belongings just cause the apt. is small. So basically until tomorrow my mind is not going to be at ease, and I'm just going to be irritated as to what these stupid "managers" are talking about.

I don't even see how it is even any of any ones business as to how "cluttered" someones home is as long as it isn't a mess with food all over the place. Cause ''clutter'' does not cause bugs. Dirty homes do.

well I have nothing else to say my ranting is done at least till we find out what they say at the office tomorrow. Then we will have till the 21st to get what they want done or our lease will be terminated. So guess not much rest for me this week cause running round with my 16 month old. before work Cleaning up before work more cleaning after work yep. That calls for not much rest at all. Just love how these people think that everyone has the time to keep every last little item in its place.