Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Why Why

Why does one situation with one family member end up starting something completely different not even having to do with me other then im the wife of who made the decision?

I hate how I'm always the blame for ALL of their family problems. I believe that if it was someone else married to the man that I am married to. Similar situations would still come up. I think this cause My brother in law's wife is going through DRAMA just as I am. And somehow It seems to be the ones that are Married into the fam that gets the BRUNT of everything, and that everyone else is just the oh so sweet, perfect, do no wrong people. But when you sit there and talk about problems that aren't yours and it starts drama then I'm sorry your not so perfect, sweet, and are doing wrong. This was all restarted back up by a status comment stating, word for word

The Other Person you know for months I defended you and was so close to getting things worked out then in 1 sec you opened your mouth to Andrew and blew it all. Sorry honey until you grow up and put your husband and kids first I can't help. :(

Which then in turn started a Email conversation with this person. This is what was said by that person and Myself:

Between The Other Person and You
Stephanie Bureau June 18 at 8:32am
That situation with Andrew was already cleared up and resolved with him and Kim so i don't know why its being dragged on?
The Other Person June 18 at 8:53am
Honey what you said was very mean and hurtful to more then just one we are family. And it hurt him a lot. :(
Stephanie Bureau June 18 at 8:59am
I still apologize and even admitted that what i said was mean. I wasn't meaning for it to be. Like i said I apologized and worked it out. That should be the end of it. It only causes more problems to keep dragging things on. There is nothing else I can do accept apologize. I am not one to hand out apologies on a whim I have to really have regretted what I said/ did to apologize that is how I was taught. That apologizing when you don't really mean it is like lying. And I'm not going to lie.
The Other Person June 18 at 9:40am
I don't know what to tell you. You need to find a way to make amends with Angel
Stephanie Bureau June 18 at 9:41am
How does Angel have anything to do with what was said about Andrew.
The Other Person June 18 at 9:51am
You hurt her son. And even though they are grown she is there mom. That will never change. That love will never change.
Stephanie Bureau June 18 at 9:52am
I know that but I still apologized to him about it that should be all
The Other Person June 18 at 9:58am
Honey how would you feel if you were in her place because with boys you will be. She is Jeremy's mom
Stephanie Bureau June 18 at 10:02am
As long as the person who did something like that apologized and worked it out with him I would be fine. I'm not one to hold grudges. It would be different if it was physical harm or something more major
The Other Person June 18 at 10:20am
Maybe you just don't understand. Logan is 20 years old and his wife insults you and Logan blows you off to make his wife happy. Telling you that you need stay out of your sons life. How do you think you are going to feel. Then his wife insults your other sons feelings
Stephanie Bureau June 18 at 10:23am
There is a lot more to it then that. And we both were tired of the Drama that was no one else business that was being said about our finances. I don't even know all of it for that. Part cause it was him talking to his mom on the phone I just heard bits and pieces. That was Jeremy's decision and needs left at that.
Stephanie Bureau June 18 at 10:26am
Now I am done talking about it. When Jeremy feels it right to talk to her about it he will. He is an adult and will make his own decisions based on the situation and needs of his family.
The Other Person June 18 at 10:34am
You just don't get it honey. All that crap is just crap. Jeremy needs his family and sooner or later if you don't make amends with angel he will blame you

The Other Person June 18 at 10:35am
We are his FAMILY.