Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 22nd of June Calleigh PT

So on the 22nd I was able to go with to Calleigh's Physical Therapy ( PT) appointment. I wanted to see what all they do and how they help Calleigh get to where she is now. So Kim graciously let me join in. I used her phone to take some photos of what I saw at this therapy session. The strap around her waist ( shown in below photo) helps to keep her legs from going out to the side which helps her to stay up on her knees better. In this photo they are using her juice to get her to crawl to.

Her therapy sessions last an hour. And in the hour the therapist does different things, to help Calleigh with muscle tone stability. And even to hold herself in moving objects. I did not get a photo of that but it was neat. To me looked like fun. but Calleigh wasn't so sure.Below you can see the strap I was talking about better from the front. Here Miss Kate ( her therapist) and Kim ( her mother) are trying to get her to stand up. Well as you can see on her face she is not happy about that.

As you can see they finally got Calleigh to stand. It took some time but with a little coaxing from mom with a sippy filled with juice, she finally did it.

Calleigh is just about 3 1/2 months younger then Logan. Making her just over 14 months to his almost 18 month. Because of what is called Prader-Willi- syndrome, she has poor muscle tone and has worked hard and on special formula to get to the weight that she is now. Her therapy sessions help to get her using these muscles and to get her up to where she needs to be age wise for her physically. In the whole time I have known Calleigh she has been a surprising little girl. And Wows me every time I get to see her.

This is my Niece Calleigh and she has Prader willi Syndrome.
Maybe sometime soon I'll get to go for another Therapy session. Its really neat how they work with her and some of the other things ( not pictured) are used for things that we take for granite with our bodies. That this little one works hard to accomplish. I love you My little princess niece Keep up the awesome work.

Love your Aunt Stephanie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So today's 24 week photo shoot went much better. Thank you Kimberly for doing another set. I wore all black and it helped alot. we didnt get any newer belly shots but Im sure more will be to come. I have set myself up as a guinne pig sorta speak for My sister in law to practice her maternity shoots on. Since she is just starting out and getting her portfolio started.

Today we were supposed to go and get the supplies for that so that I could get started on it. I have a time limit for the 15th to get it done. I am excited to do it for her though. It will be fun. I actually wasn't expecting her to even ask me for that. I have actually been excited at times that I think im being a pest. But hey when you have a time limit you need supplies ASAP.

Well here is a sneak peak at what we got today for our photo shoot with Kimberly. More are to come the end of the month that will have daddy and brother involved and daddy son pics. Cant wait for those.Our Portfolio hunting trip was postponed till tomorrow cause we had a late start today and so it was one or the other. I really wanted a re-shoot for my 24 week shots cause of how washed out I was looking. I also figured that this would give Kim that little extra to choose from for her Portraits to print for her portfolio. So tomorrow morning ( now this morning) we will drop off the photos to be printed in a package then go hunting for supplies. Then on the way home we can pick them up. Then I will start on it tomorrow night.

I guess I am excited to do this cause with me being family and her using her time for the photo shoots and editing. I am able to thank her by doing a good job on a portfolio that will help her gain Paying clientele. I also offer her my hairstyling services at no cost for same reasons she does her photography for me. Family ties.

Well I really have to go I have laundry to get done dishes to do and a table to clear off for my project that is to start tomorrow after work.

So today ( yesterday morning) I had my 24 wk photo shoot with my photographer/ sister-in- law Kim. We have some good pictures although I don't care for how my shirt made me look washed out.
this does not have anything to do with her photography just my lack of thinking lol. Well here is a sneak peak. A newer hopefully better shoot to come tomorrow.