Monday, June 28, 2010

The Home-front

Things on the home-front have been smooth sailing for a couple weeks. Its been such a nice break from all the DRAMA that was headed our way constantly. I don't feel so tired like I was when we had all the DRAMA. Most likely cause drama causes stress and stress causes sleepless nights and just plain makes ya tired even with sleep.
Logan is back to his own room and after a couple nights of little hassle he now know it as his play area and his safe haven for rest. He even stays quiet sometimes just so we let him be in there after his naps. He lets us know when he is ready for us to get him.
Him back in his own room only means one thing. Were back in our own room too. And have been sleeping like babies since we got it back. Which is probably another good reason why I'm not as exhausted even if only going on a few hours of sleep.
Back to Logan. We now have all 4 of his K-9 teeth in view. So the worst of the teething seems to be done for now. Now we just wait for them to finish coming down / up. After that we should be done teething for a few months to a year unless he gets his 2 year molars early.

As for our apartment, things are going better. Laundry is much easier to keep up on and get put away. Cause I don't have to worry about getting it all put away while Logan is awake. I can get it done and folded and depending on if he is asleep or not depends on if his clothes are put away first or last. If he is asleep I can get the majority of the laundry folded and put away then all I have to worry about is Logan's which isn't very much and doesn't take that long.

With the good changes in when chores are done I have more time to spend with my family. Cause I can get chores done while Logan is asleep and have the time that he is awake to play and spend time with him and Jeremy. Which always makes for a happier Mommy/Wifey

Gabriel and I have our Dr appt. on Tuesday morning at 10 am. I can never wait to hear his heart beat. Its soo exciting every time I hear it. I get my monthly weigh in and every thing is checked out. I cannot remember when it is that I start going bi weekly to the appts but with less then 4 months left I know its going to be soon. Luckily I have a day off that I always have off so that I dont have to guess as to when I can get in for my appts.
In 4 weeks I go in for my Rhogam shot. For those that dont know what that is... I have what is called -RH blood factor and It basically makes it where my body will attack the baby. This is were the Rhogam shot comes in. It basically tells my body that its OK not to be alarmed. I get this shot 2x once at 28 weeks then again after the baby's birth.

For a better explanation go to this site It will tell you what you would like to know,,1510,4429,00.html

Well as for now I am off its late and my boys will have me up early LUKILY tomorrow is MY FRIDAY!!!!