Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ultrasound pics from March 18, 2009

OK so I know 3 weeks have passed since I had these ultrasounds done. I just don't have an internal disk drive to be able to upload them to my computer. I was hoping to get to someones computer that I could save the pictures to an sd card, which I did try, but their computer couldn't read the type that I have. So I finally just got too impatient and just too pictures of them with my camera phone and had them uploaded that way. So even though they are not the est quality like they would be coming off the disk at least they are viewable. The top pic are those cool new 3d/4d pictures now so we actually get to view more of what their temporary homes look like and get to see them moving a little better as well. That is always neat to see. With my son Logan I did not have my ultrasounds done this early. So It is really neat to see with this one how they look at a much earlier gestational age in this type of view.

Here with this bottom pic is the original type of ultrasound that most people are more familiar with. Just basically showing the shape of the baby. Even these pics are awesome to see. Just the thought of getting to see your baby before their birth is just astonishing.