Monday, April 5, 2010

3 Month Prenatal Visit.

So today I went in for my 12 week prenatal visit, to check on how the baby is and to go over my blood-work and ultra sound results. Not that I was worried but thankfully they came back fine. My ultra sound came back with an October 17, 2010 due date. In about 4 more weeks I will have my next check up and some more blood work done. I think that one is to check for gestational diabetes not for sure though. Either that or to just check hormone levels to make sure that they are within range of what the ultrasound is saying, since I didn't keep track of my monthlies this round lol. Then somewhere around 28 weeks I will have to have what is called a rhogam shot to ensure the health of the baby for the remainder of the pregnancy. This is because my blood type is what they call an RH negative factor which means that my body could attack the baby thinking that it is some type of enemy to my body. For a better explanation of this type of blood type go to this..... link As for the baby today I got to hear its heartbeat for the 3rd time and has a strong fetal beat of 158. which is good. My Dr. does not have me scheduled for another ultrasound yet most likely will be scheduled for one at my 16 week visit. With it following sometime in that following week or two. Since it is scheduled by my Dr.'s office I can ask for it to be a certain day and mornings or afternoons, then I just pretty much wait for the phone call from my Dr.'s office letting me know when it is scheduled for. As for now that is all I have on what is going on with baby and I. Logan's appointment is on the 29th so unless I post before then I will be posting sometime after that. Love to all Stephanie