Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tornado of DRAMA

I don't see what the use of all the drama is.
I don't see why it needs to be.
All it does is cause unneeded heart aches and pain.
I don't see why people have the need to use things against you,
that wasn't their business in the first place.
The only thing drama is good for, is to break a family apart.
I tried to ignore it, but a person can only take so much.
Why do I get put in these situations.
Like a tornado mess.
Left to defend myself from the hailstorms.
And the disaster left behind.
but when you confront the tornado,
But people claim that your the one.
Why cant people just admit when they are wrong.
Why is it so hard to admit their faults,
instead of blaming it totally on the other.

I had another incident yesterday where drama came to me again. Where someone thinks its right to ask about something that shouldn't have even been known about other then me and Jeremy. Then think they have the right to say they felt like they were used when they knew that I had just started a new job and had to catch up on things and get stuff we did without even though it was needed. while we didn't have the income. I actually think that there is a law against looking at someones mail with light. And down right rude to tell whoever you think should know about it, just to feed the need for drama.

Another thing is that I really don't think that it is right for any one to call some one a high and mighty B.... then lie to other people about the reason behind it. Especially since words were never spoken by either to come to the conclusion that i told her it was none of her damn business to ask what my comment meant by and I quote "I wished my son would have had his own day, but it landed on my aunt in laws b day." It wouldn't even make any sense for me to tell her that. So for that person to boldface lie to 2 people and tell them that I said it was none of her damn business when asked if she had asked me what was meant by it, just shows how childish, selfish, and inconsiderate they are.

The thing that makes it worse, is when all you do is respect the person. Then they hawk a big lugie in your face without any warning.

well I need to go grab a snack and head to lala land so good night and i will write to you again soon

Love me