Friday, March 26, 2010

No help, Load of crap

Right now I really don't feel like a happy person. Typically I am though. It just seems like I can never catch a break whether with drama with the in-laws or not getting any help at home.

Tonight is one of those nights where I am irritated about not getting help at home. I think its been just about a week now that I have been cleaning up the kitchen. So today instead of doing that before work I sat down during Logan's nap, and got all the bills caught up and paid and figured a few other things up. I figured that people would have known how much I've been keeping up on the kitchen that this one day that I don't do it. Some one else will pitch in and help. Well I defiantly shouldn't have put my hopes up so high, cause to my not so surprising surprise. There the dishes were, still sitting there waiting for someone to clean them. The same ones from the night before, plus some from today.

And the one person that I had mentioned being irritated about doing the dishes so much, was sitting in the living room playing his video game. No not help with the kitchen first then play. Which just put me over the edge. And even now being home for over an hour hasn't said a word to me. Not a thank you for doing the dishes even though you just got home after 10:30 at night, and are probably tired, hungry and just wanted to relax when got home.

I guess I just don't understand why it is so hard for people to help out around the house knowing that I get off of work so late. And am up somewhat early to be with my son.

Then the other 2 people that could have done them as well. Went off gallivanting till I don't know what time cause I was working. Came home and most likely went straight to their room like they shouldn't have to pitch in and help either.

Im not saying that I am perfect either I leave my clothes in the bathroom and in the washer at times but that is kinda different considering I have my 14 mo old sleeping in my room so its not like I can just throw them in the dirty clothes any time. And I most likely am doing laundry before work and don't have time to switch them to the dryer before having to leave, unlike some who just forget about them even doing it cause they are too wrapped up in each other and watching movies or what ever else they do in their room to finish what they start.

Well Now that I have relieved alot of stress maybe i can actually catch some shut eye.