Saturday, March 27, 2010

Molars... Molars

Yes molars are finally arriving for my little trooper. We had him wake up crying for a few nights now around 3ish, then yesterday when he was crying in the car I glanced back and there it was. A nice white tooth popping out of his gums on one side, so still the other half of the tooth is still breaking its way through. So with that mystery solved of why he has been waking I have been able to give him some pain reliever to help him sleep the rest of the night. The left molar however has not come through much other then being able to feel the little spikes of it. So probably a few weeks left of this set of two teeth are done making their way through his gums. By the time they are through he will have 10 teeth, 4 on the top and 6 on the bottom.

On an up-note and totally different subject. I happen to be driving through a community yard sale and happen to stumble across a nice, real, solid wood high chair for $20. Outside the normal scratches that a kid can put on wood its taken care of. At a later time I may have it sanded down and re-stained, other then that a steal of a deal. Not to mention kinda a rare find.